The Irish Wolfhound Archives


Painting signed by W. H. Ward (1766-1826)

The National Gallery of Ireland believe the most likely painter of the above was William Ward (the elder) 1766-1826 (English School).  He was the brother-in-law of G. Morland, brother of the Animal painter James Ward and father of artists W. J. and M. T. Ward. 

This painting, thus dated before 1826, represents the Irish Wolfhound prior to the introduction of any outcross.  Betty was fortunate enough to find it in Dublin about thirty years ago.  It is one of her most treasured possessions.

It is interesting to note that The Rev E Hogan, S.J. in his THE HISTORY OF THE IRISH WOLFDOG, first published in 1897. (par. 107 writes);  About the year 1810, James Ward R.A. painted, evidently from life, a wolfdog, very powerful, red in colour, of hard, rough coat, with ears cut at the ends;  the form was that of a very strong deerhound, but considerably thicker.  The picture became the property of Sir E Landseer, and then of Fores, the print-seller, of Piccadilly.

Capt G A Graham in his publication THE Irish Wolfhound, first published in 1885, quotes and acknowledges, this text from Hogan, and adds: the drawing probably would be about the beginning of this century, as Ward was born 1770.

As mentioned above, W H Ward and James Ward were brothers, one wonders if they painted the same hound.